Current Coverage

Navigational Limits Available Are :
1) Inland waterways of the U.K. including tidal access for canal craft.
2) U.K. Coastal Waters including Inland Waters.
3) U.K. Coastal Waters including Brest to Elbe Including Continental Waterways limits of North of 46° 30 minutes North and West of 10° East. Extension for cruising further South available on request.
4) Mediterranean Waters including outward journey through the French Canals to Marseille. or by Spanish and Portugese Atlantic Waters on request.
5) Mediterranean Cruising Not East of 5° East or 10° East will require a Spanish Insurance Certificate to supplement your policy. Not East of 25° East including the Adriatic will require Italian, and Greek certificates, but there will be an automatic overrider excluding you from War Zones and North Africa. Coverage for Mediterranean Waters not east of 35 degrees East
6) U.K. to the Canary Islands, Subject to vessel and experience and availability of cover.